Rethink Tourism

  • Rethink Tourism was founded in 2009 by James Chilton, an expert in strategic tourism and recreation planning with over 15 years experience in the industry.
  • Rethink Tourism provides pragmatic advice for a wide range of clients including government agencies, local authorities, community development organisations and businesses in the tourism and leisure sector.
  • In addition to our in-house expertise the company draws on a range of consultants with specialist skills. Rethink Tourism often enters into partnership with other tourism and planning companies and would be delighted to discuss such collaborative opportunities.
  • The services we offer our clients include strategic tourism and recreation planning; tourism feasibility and business planning; product development; policy development; and advice in relation to sustainable tourism.
  • The business thrives on positive recommendations from clients and we ensure that every job is of the highest quality.
  • A key philosophy behind the work of Rethink Tourism is the belief that the development of tourism must be achievable, practical, action-orientated and responsible.



Rethink Tourism will:

  • Maintain high standards of professional endeavour and service, commercial integrity and confidentiality, financial propriety and personal conduct;
  • Accept an engagement only if suitably skilled and experienced to undertake it and only if it presents no conflict of interest;
  • Agree the terms of the brief and conditions of an engagement with the client, define the services and end products to be provided, identify staff and/or sub-consultants to be employed and specify all financial arrangements clearly;
  • Exercise independence of thought and action in developing recommendations specifically for each client’s needs, based upon sound research, validated research material, thorough analysis and professional judgment.